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AMD BC-250 cards

Are the new AMD BC-250 cards supported by Hive OS? Tried latest version but not recognized.

It seems that driver amdgpu-pro-21.50-1347991-ubuntu-20.04.tar.xz is needed, so maybe is possible to install it in Ubuntu 20.40 and then install Hive (just guessing)

We’re you running the latest kernel as well?


as far as I know I’m on the latest official build and kernel, no idea how to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 and to AMD drivers 20.50. Can you point me to any beta that I can try?

You can try the beta by using hive-replace in shell, I’m not sure off hand what drivers are currently on the beta though, so it may or may not help.

Thanks. I tried the lastest beta but it does not support the cards yet. Actually I’m mining with Ubuntu 20.04 and the latest AMD drivers 21.50, not sure they are beta drivers as well because they come directly from AMD developers.

I’d love to start this farm with HiveOS (12 rigs) but actually is a driver problem, not sure is possible to install these drivers in Ubuntu 18.04 that seems like the latest HiveOS kernel, probably with 21.50 drivers the distro will work with BC-250

does hive have a plan to support these
i have a 100 rigs to deploy in a week and i really wanted to use hive

anyone how find a way to fix it? or what did you guys do?

From today’s 0.6-215@220409 build:

  • Added OC support for AMD BC-250 board (need new AMD driver)

As far as I know latest 21.50 drivers are not yet released in Hive OS but we’re getting close. I’m also interested in the paying model for these new cards because 1 rig = 12 cards = 12 Hive OS so I hope for 3 USD per rig / month

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