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AMD BC-160 / Radeon Pro V520

Hello fellow miners I’m new on the chat and I am new at mining. I read the posts of 2022 and 2021 concerning this issue and I’ve tried to make this work without any success. I have 8 BC-160 /Pro V 520s
I’ve set them up all as a rig and I’ve put them all individually I always get the same results everything shows up except I’m not able to get more than 18 Watts Prairie per card so technically I’m not a hashing anything. I would love to keep these cards and make them work. And not have to sell them just because I haven’t been able to crack this puzzel. So can someone please give me clear instructions on what I am doing wrong.

If you try mining with this settings than it’s total bullshit …
BC-160 equipped wth HBM2 memory and 1275 MHz it’s tooooo high overall for this type of memory and also too high for kawpow.
Start from 1250 MHz for core clock and 800-825 mV for core voltage + 800 MHz for mem clock.

try to lower your overclocks. The reason you cant mine is your GPU cant handle that over clock. May be befoe mining get some information of how to do it. 1250 Core 750 core voltage 800 memmory should be your settings. If yotu dont know whats these means stop mining and get some information first. AMD cards are difficult to overclock for new miners.