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AMD 7950X IGPU visible


I have installed a new RIG CPU on my Farm but I’ve not installed GPU but the system show the GPU.

The Mainboard is a Asus B650M-K, on Bios I’ve deseable a IGPU.

The problem is Hive OS show a RIG GPU and not RIG CPU.

What is a solution ?

Thanks for your support

Has it been more than 24 hours since you disabled the igpu? Are you being billed for a gpu rig? Please post some screenshots to show your issues in more detail

Yes is more 24 hours I have disabled IGPU.

Yes I pay for GPU RIG

On the scrren is visible I have only 1 GPU RIG

Thanks for your support


Looks like the igpu is not disabled, try disabling again

Yes is disabled, I have checked few times on Bios.

On Bios I put

Disable IGPX
First Monitor GPU

I have no GPU on Mainborad

i know other people with the same problem

From your screenshot that is the igpu, check again in bios to make sure youre disabling the correct thing

I’ve just tried again.

I put disable IGPU and only GPU, I save and restart the machine and remove the GPU.
Everytime I reboot the machine the bios not found external GPU and re-active IGPU

Try leaving the external gpu until you confirm the internal one is disabled.

that’s what I did

The only solution is remove card GPU during a boot of Hiveos, but is not good remove GPU with the power. And after set to 0 GPU on paramater on Hiveos

apparently it’s a problem with the Asus Bios firmware