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AMD 6800 with Ryzen direct access memory and rig of 2+ cards with BIOSTART TA320 Motherboard

I’ve seen that you can use a Ryzen 5000 series processor to get extra hashes out of 6000 series cards. My question is will this work in a rig with 2+ cards and will it work with an AMD mining board such as BIOSTAR TA320-BTC AM4 AMD A320 ATX?

Not enough info out there on if it works or not. Any advice would be good as i have purchased a Ryzen but may send it back if it’s not going to work.

AFAIK if you can get past the issue that the 6800 isn’t supported by hiveos yet, you’ll need either a B550 or X570 mobo to enable this

Ah, I did not know 6800 not supported, thanks for letting me know mate. So those mother boards have too little GPU slots for this to wokr, so a no go then. Going to have to send the ryzen processor back. Thanks for the help!

Yeah I’m in the same boat. Have 2 6800s and I ended up taking the 3090 out of my PC and put it on my hiveos rig and ended up putting the 6800s in my PC and I’m using another miner. I’ve been trying to upgrade my 3900 to a 5950 so I can run smart memory mode

LOL! Feel a bit silly now! Good luck with that buddy. What you using for 6800s, nanominer? What works i mean. Also, what sort of max hash rates you getting from the 6800s?

did you figure out how to mine with 6800 I have one at home and I can’t mine. Even with different miner or OS.

Thank you

Nanominer or Phoenix miner say they support 6800. Will be setting mine up tonight to test. Most likely nanominer on windows for me.

i’m getting 58/59MHs on Phoenix. Same in TRM. just windows. Rx 6800 doesn’t work even on a BETA version of Hiveos :confused:

Hi All,
I’m waiting for the 6800 support. Spent two days fiddling but to no avail.
Tried the beta image but it kernel panics on boot.
Ended up mining on Windows…
Any rumors on when the 6800 series is getting included?

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Same here…waiting… :thinking:

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Real ball ache having to use something else, no real visibility of what’s going on. Come on Hive!! On another note, any got any decent overclocks for 6800, using nanominer on windows at the moment.

Deu certo em algumas das duas mineradoras?

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try to update to newest amd driver. even beta hiveos uses the old 19.30 amd driver.

as I know sam only works in windows 10 with amd 5000 series cpu. and I read that you need to enable it in driver tool. my gaming website now makes 2 performancd charts when testing amd gpus, one with sam and one without…sam makes some more fps in most games. so there must be a way to enable and disable it in windows.

pls keep on trying…if it works you could double your mhash

I got a 6800xt rig working now. 63mh out of the box, havent payed with oc yet

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