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AMD 6700 XT Verification on CPU failed! Without OC

Good day everybody,

I have a problem with my new AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT.
In HiveOS I keep getting “invalid shares” even though I didn’t set any OC settings for testing, the PING is also great (other cards run without problems … there are usually 3x 3060TI and a 6700 XT in the rig). TeamRedMiner, Trex, Gminer, NBMiner … the same mistake everywhere. (See photo)

I’ve tried everything … the 6700 XT alone without OC settings, NBMiner under Windows, GMiner under Windows (new driver completely reinstalled):
09:03:16 GPU3: Share # 15 Verification on CPU failed, check overclocking settings
09:03:16 GPU3: Share # 15 rejected: Required PoW solution is invalid!

Is there anything else I can try? Does something have to be changed in the bios?

  • Mainboard: BTC B250
  • 8 GB DDR4
  • SSD 120 GB

Thanks and best regards!

No OC = bad OC!

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Okay thanks … but I’ve already tried all OC settings … no chance …

needs proper OCs.

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