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AMD 6700 use on Hive OS

Hi All. I’m having trouble connecting my AMD 6700 12g to mine on HiveOS. Can someone please walk me though the process. Or direct me to video that could help. I saw a previous post and it looks like people got it to mine at a hash rate of 42-47. Please help?!

Thanks I’m advance

Hi, I use teamredminer with overclocking common preset. 46Mh/s

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Ok awesome! Oh s there anything else I should know when setting it up? The card shows up in the hive settings, but doesn’t mine. Am I missing a particular driver? Thanks all!

same issue with me. it shows unknown GDDR6. anyone know plz help. i am on latest hive OS build.

I had this problem once, replacing the riser worked for me. Give it a try.

Here’s what fixed it for me, I went on Hive Shell and typed “hive-replace -y --stable” make sure it fully installs and reboots, then after use PheonixMiner 5.5c

Best to use TeamRedMiner. Also keep in mind that power usage in HiveOS is very unrealistic because of a bug (core voltage is not adjustable completely). Check out this topic:

Feel free to send a message to HiveOS support to tell them of this issue because miners with 6000 series cards could save 40-60 watt per card this way!

Yes i have tested this with my 6700xt. i could lower my volatege 112W (hive os) to 98-102 W (windows10). Hope Hive Os dev. soon update.

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