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Amd 6600

Good morning.
Why does the screen show 2 Gpu 0 (Amd 6600 and Nvidia 1660)?
I installed a second power supply (1800 + 850 = 2650w) to power the two Amd 6600, both start but one is not recognized by the rig. I can’t find the solution (swap cables, move rizer, re flash HiveOs).
The 3060 are high in energy, I leave for now.
HM65-BTC-Combo motherboard that supports 8 graphics cards.

Here, the second Amd is totally disconnected

Gpu numbering starts at 0 for amd and 0 for nvidia. This makes it easy to configure a miner that only deals with a certain make gpu. That’s normal.

Try the amd card that isn’t showing by itself and make sure it is working.