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AMD 6600 8 card rig setup issue

Yesterday i was building 3 rigs of 6600 non xt an was trying to make it working on hive made a new pen drive with the latest version an tried booting it up was facing several issues with that rig…

  1. everytime i boot the display doesn’t arrive have to reset it by shorting an then display shows an boots tried with6 cards only 3 or 4 showed up have tried enabling 4g decoding an every step which can be done according to my knowledge need serious help with this coz there r total 20 cards rig to be built 7+7+8 kindly help me with the same (can there be processor issue ?)
  2. a.Motherboard is TB360-BTC PRO 2.0 BIOSTAR Group (5.13 06/08/2021)
    b.processor - 4 × Intel(R) Core™ i3-9350KF CPU @ 4.00GHz AES
    after the 4th card hive doesn’t recognise the card sometime it says unknown card an other errors in 4 cards its mining
    I will be really thankful if someone in the community can help me out as i have never encountered AMD rigs this is the 1st time i am facing and cards thanks

Hey man I am in the same boat as you. Trying to set up a 10 card xfx 6600 rig and actually using the same motherboard but different processor. Check to see if your processor is compatible on the motherboard website. I’m having same issues cards show up as missing or dead. I’ve tried stable and beta versions. Can’t seem to overclock and I get errors saying non of my cards can accept overclocks. Tried a bunch of miners too. I’ve seen some post of versions people have said worked so I’ll try them out. I’ve also heard they need a brand new flash but doesn’t seem to work. Versions I’ve seen that have worked for others is.
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Beta 06-208-210818 says it shows cards and accepts limited oc
I cant seem to find which “new” one to date is required. Let me know what you find