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AMD 580 RIG Performance Low

I have a 12 card AMD 580 rig on a Biostar BTC 250 Pro with a weird issue.

What happens is immediately after a reboot, and then for a period of a day or two the system under performs. The apparently stable OC clocks means I should be seeing about 375MHs. The system is running anywhere between 340MHs to 355MHs. Eventually it will click back up to 375MHs and then run with no issues until its next scheduled reboot.

What is even more odd is the readout on the monitor looks normal, and then about half the screen will do a GPU printout indicating instability with the OC… Yet if I go through and reduce the OC on each card, another card shows up as having an issue. Rinse and repeat.

What I have not done yet is completely remove the OC and let the system autoclock to see results, but I am wondering if anyone else has had similar issues first.



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