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Am I running my rig efficiently?

Hi community,

I have recently started mining from November 2021. I have a good understanding of setting up and operating HiveOS and through this I now have a stable running rig. What I am not very experienced in is efficiency. I am looking for feedback on my screenshot below in regards to running efficiently. Currently this rig is using around 1800 watts at the wall and provides around 460mh.
Any comments on this setup would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Clocks look fine. If you’re after efficiency at the cost of hashrate many miners have a low power mode you can enable in the config.

not sure about the other cards but the 3060ti if lhr can run the same hashrate using around 128-135 watts. My OC for mine is core at 210 mem at 2050-2600 (lower for ETH and ETC and higher for kawpow). I personally stopped setting the fans to manual aand use the auto mode and let it adjust. I keep my gear in my garage so it tends to get a little warm during the day so I mine RVN coin at night when its nice and cold and using a lot of power and ETC during the day when its warmer and uses less power so they stay cooler. Also, remember the core clocks should always be divisible by 15 to get a round number. you have a couple that could be changed it looks like.

I’m not going for the highest hashrate, but probably lower power consumptions

GPU 0 03:00.0 GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 7982 MB · Gigabyte Samsung GDDR6 · · PL 100 W, 200 W, 220 W 39.66 MH 299.4 MH 55° 70% 92 W 1350 2240

The power oscillates between 92 to 117 watts (the eth runs around 39 to 40.5). You can probably get better eth (43-45) but not sure I want to

I’m still on 0.25.6 t-rex, since .8 used too much power. Might give .9 a go with the new parameter

The card rounds to the nearest multiple of 15 unless it doesn’t lol Sometimes I’ve seen values ending in 7. You can check your speeds using nvidia-info | grep Freq

Hi all. I had no idea about the multiples of 15 for core. I have made some adjustments and will see how they go.

Thank you all for your feedback. :+1:

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