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Allow for multiple Custom miners per flightsheet please (flightsheet validation error when adding multiple)

Can you remove the validation for multiple miners with the same name, when using “Custom” please?

We need this to add both the “mo_xmrig ©” and “mo_gminer ©” described there to the same Flight Sheet.

Does this need to @mention the developers or support team?

this needs more attention. not being able to run multiple custom miners on the same flightsheet is a real pain in the bungholio.

Is this fixed yet?

I am trying to mine XMR using both CPU and GPU and cant not seem to get anywhere with it.

Devs please fix this!!

My guess is that this would require a major rewrite of the way hive handles miners. Each miner has to have a unique name (since it is referred in multiple folders). I just tried a custom version of bz and it got confused with the regular bzminer

Then they need to allow us to use our own custom name as a miner’s name, which would create a separate folder and therefore no conflicts. For example use custom miner, add bzminer and name it “bzminer_custom”. Hiveos would create a subfolder named bzminer_custom under miners/custom/

Same if we wanted to add a second custom miner we would name it “bzminer_custom2” and then it would create a subfolder /hive/miners/custom/bzminer_custom2/

And so on…