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Alloc host visible vram on small bar is not allowed

I have 5.15 kernel and hiveos show “Alloc host visible vram on small bar is not allowed”.
What is?

I have 3 580s, 1 570, 1 6600 and 1 6900xt

Can you post a screenshot? Does this message negative impact your mining?

It may be related to resizable bar if enabled in your bios

Thanks for your help!!!

Now, I disabled “Re Size BAR Support”. Its correct?

not sure if that will help or not but worth trying. that amd gpu thats giving the errors, does it work correctly? are you able to drive a display from it?

I have 6 gpus, I connect 2 gpus and show the error, but I use other 2 gpus and the error its the same.
I should drive a display frot all the cards?

is there one specific gpu that causes the error? do you have the rest of the hive recommended motherboard settings? Motherboard setup

It is not a specific gpu, it seems to be when I connect more than 1 gpu. The motherboard is well configured. It was working a while ago and I have another one just like it that works perfect. I also tried to reinstall all HiveOs

Any idea? thanks

When my flight sheet is empty there are not problem. There are not message error

can you post some screenshots of your workers dashboard?



The overview tab of your worker, like this

Here… Thanks

can you post a screenshot like my example, not of the rigs monitor but the hiveon os dashboard showing all your overclocks and voltages

Sorry Sorry.

The problem is likely with your settings. Try more conservative clocks/voltages