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All 3 of my rigs stop mining

Does anyone experience and issue from time to time that all rigs at the same time stop mining, but same amount of power is being used? They look like they are mining but they are not and i need to reboot them to get them going again. Is this a hive os issue as i find it odd all 3 of my rigs stop at the same time.

Only me?

İnternet kablolarını kontrol et veya server dağıtıcını kontrol et aynı problem bende de vardı en sonra tüm flash bellekleri yeniden yükledim düzeldi

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Tesekkur ederim Burak. I have two rigs in one room and one rig in another room, all connected to different devices. I suspect the internet may have gone down causing the issue as when i reboot all the rigs work without me touching the cabling or network switches. I’m going to run a permanent ping to the internet to see if anything dropped when it happens again. If it is this, i would be surprised as to why HiveOS workers do not correct this by themselves and continue mining.

I want to put the auto reboot feature on, but when i do that, because i have aggressive overclocking on, not all my GPUs come up. I have to turn off aggressive overclocking first, then reboot, then turn it back on again. It’s very manual.

reis sa. aynı problem bende de var. 3-4 günde bir rigim donuyordu bir kaç değişiklik yaptım riser falan değiştirdim 2 hafta mis gibi çalıştı ancak yine hata almadan kazmayı bıraktı. internette sorun yoktu da. flash diskleri temizleyip tekrar kurdum yine çare olmadı var mı bir tavsiyen acaba

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