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Alienware with RTX3080 Dell

I have two Alienware computers with RTX3080.

GeForce RTX 3080 10015 MB · Dell Micron GDDR6X

I am getting 85-86 MH with ETH each. -200 2000 PL 210

Does anyone have optimal settings?

Thank you in advance.

You can use whatever overclocks you prefer, but the issue is with thermal throttling on the Dell 3080. On the GPU side of the card, you need to add 0.5mm thermal pads to form a square around the gpu between the heatsink and the metal plate. Replacing the thermal paste on the GPU when you do this is also recommended. I use Fujipoly 100mmx15mmx0.5mm ultra extreme XR-M. One strip was enough. No changes to the backside thermal pads required. Then enjoy your 100MH/s per card. Forgive me I don’t have the source of this photo, but I am happy to give credit.

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hello bro, i have this graphics cards… ¿what size are the original thermal pads?

I did that but it gives me a mistake
I need your help please,

I just changed thermal pad of this error graphic!