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Alephium (ALPH) mining on 7900 XT or XTX

Has anyone tested a 7900 XT or 7900 XTX card?
I don’t mean dual mining but separate Alephium (Blake3)
I can’t find anywhere at least indicative/default hashrate values.
Alternatively, what GPU/Memory/Power settings are you using?

No support for 22.40 drivers on hiveos yet, I can test mine on alph again and let you know what I get

that would be great at least I could get my bearings a bit and compare with the RTX 4080
there are many results available for this card
and the best are somewhere around 2.72-2.77Gh/s with a consumption of 162-191W

didnt spend a ton of time tuning, and there isnt an updated version of MorePowerTool for windows yet but heres what i got. a little less than half a 4090


that was fast :slight_smile: thank you very much :pray:
wow i’m impressed :eyes:
I suspected that it might be better than the 4080 for the Blake3 algorithm, but I didn’t expect up to 3.13gh
it’s a pity that we don’t know the consumption

and as a reward we are the first link if you search for “7900 xtx alephium mining” in google :rofl:

can you please specify the manufacturer of the card?

That’s a reference model

That is disappointing, but matches the values for kaspa

for kaspa the results were already available and yes the 4080 seems to be better than the 7900 XTX
but here we are talking about the Blake3 algorithm and here the situation is obviously reversed