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Aggressive Undervolting vs Core Voltage

It seems like the new aggressive undervolting option (0.5-57) in the AMD OC settings does something similar as setting the core voltage?

When use the aggressive undervolting options I get similar power usage on some cards, lower on others, higher on others.

If I enable the aggressive undervolting option and have Core Voltage settings, the GPUs hang and the rig becomes very unstable. This seems like a bug.

I’m wondering what exactly the option does, and an explination?

Aggressive undervolting forces the same voltage on all P-states, so your undervolt WILL work, assuming that your BIOS is not voltmodded. Regular legacy undervolting is hit or miss.


It seems to have stabilized itself after awhile and a few reboots/power cycles, I wonder if sometimes settings get messed up when they are written from the webapp. either that or ghosts…

The aggressive undervolt only seems to affect or work on my 4g RX580s (about 5-10w lower), but my 8g RX580s don’t seem affected (0-2w higher).

There’s a definite bug, if the rig or miner has to restart with aggressive undervolt on and OC setting set, the gpus will be detected but fail to start mining. There is no issue if I disable the OC settings and Aggressive Undervolting, reboot the rig and enable Aggressive undervolting and apply the OC settings. I’ve been able to recreate this 3 times, and it happens without fail.

No, it is because of a too low voltage - GPUs tend to do that when they are on the edge of voltage stability. There is nothing to get messed up on the script.
Increase the voltage and don’t blame the script for your mistakes.

i already posted my recommendations for core voltage settings here (based on data collected from more then 100 RX5xx GPUs):

don’t expect your AMD Polaris chip will run at 1200MHz on 800mV core voltage

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thankyou dewminer76 your script works nicely