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Aggressive undervolting - reapplying

I’ve noticed that in order to correctly apply aggressive undervolt I need to go to Worker->Settings->Push and only after reapplying the settings all cards are correctly undervolted.

On reboot, it looks like is ran twice. While this script is running for the second time, in the same time miner is starting. After it stabilizes some cards are still not undervolted properly and I need to Push settings again. This time miner is stopped, is ran again and after it finishes miner is restarted. And now I finally have properly undervolted rig.

This is mostly noticable while running TeamRedMiner (but it is happening with other miners as well). After reboot, most of the cards are showing 70-80W but there is on or two cards showing around 100W. After pressing Push - they are all at 70-80W.

Can please someone check this and rearrange startup so that miner is started only after has finished. In fact, I’m not really sure why is it running twice after all?!?