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Aggressive mode in 05-55 is NOT the same as 05-54

I tried version 54 on my rigs the moment it was available and with a few undervolt modifications to my previous working settings I had at around 100W reduction on my rigs! This was working wonderful until 55 came. Now agressive mode does not do anything at all. Tried restarting, shut down, same thing. Power usage is the same as before the 54 update, with or without aggressive mode on.

Same here. No undervolting happening whatsoever :frowning:

Такая же проблема, на 05.54 работало на более низком напряжении, на 05.55 напряжение ядра снова поднялось. Опция “Агрессивный режим” ничего не меняет. Как откатить на 05.54?

apt-get install -y --allow-downgrades hive=0.5-54

Thank you.

Did you put “double minus (–)” in front of allow-downgrades ?

I already understood my mistake. Everything worked out. Thank you.

I downgraded immediately after I’ve noticed this behavior in 0.5-55. Not only was aggressive mode doing anything, but it also made the rig less stable.

The question is whether this will be fixed in the upcoming versions?

I think in the coming days, the developer will fix this problem.

nice! thanks buddy! o:)

0.5-56 2018-06-05
Hotfix for AMD “Aggressive mode”, claymore reboot, IGPU detection, ccminer start after reboot

Confirmed - undervoltage working as expected.

thanks guys for your bug reports


I confirm : i was consumming 1463 W (wall) with my optimazed rig (10 * AMD-RX580) under 0.5-54 then with the upgrade the wall consumtion increase up to 1650W under 0.5-55 !
Also, the card were consuming around 95 W each (sensor) and before it was around 80 W.

With the 0.5-56 and a reboot … It’s still the same !


What happens ?

К сожалению откатил обратно на 0.5-54. На ферме две карты (RX580 8G + RX 570 4G). Обновил 0.5-56, в результате на одной видеокарте понижаешь напряжение, а на другой при этом повышается на дефолт, потом клеймор вообще отказывался запускаться и риг отваливался от админки. На 0.5-54 все работает без проблем.

да 6 и двух фермах все нормально, а в другом месте 3 фермы просто просели… откатился на 5.54

my amd rig crashes with the agressive mode after a few hours.

Тоже заметил на 0.5-56, что видеокарты сбрасывали напряжение только через несколько минут, а то и десятков минут после применения. Иногда хэшрэйт проседал до 2-10 Mh с карты и они отваливались.

You should be able to see which GPU caused the crash. On that specific GPU you should go with less undervoltage or less overclock - and you will gain more stability. I assume that most of the problems people have with undervoltage is related to fine-tuning OC params…