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Aggresive undervolt individual cards

How to aggresive undervolt only some cards on a rig?

It seems this is a global setting. I know there is a way to do it editing some scripts but I need a pointer in the right direction.

Thank you

PS. Why is this setting built like this in the firs place? I mean globally instead of allowing to set on a per-card basis.

You can undervolt cards individually. Open a list of cards in a rig and click on the “speedometer” (or whatever it is) to the right of the card you want to change the settings for.

No, you cannot. If you apply to one card, it will apply agressive undervolting to all the cards in the rig.

@Barf He is talking about amd cards aggressive undervolting is not available for nvidia

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Your solution is to set dpm manually for each card to avoid rig crashing

I have a few AMD cards in one of my rigs. Have no problem giving them different configurations. But AMD is new to me so… :smile:

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@MoneyPrintingGroup - thank you for your suggestion.

I tested it, but does not seem to work. Some heavily modified bioses are not happy to see aggresive undervolting and will crash the card, regardless of DPM set.

Still don’t understand why this setting is global.

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