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After Upgrading to [email protected] my miners don't mine anymore

Hi there guys
Yesterday I’ve upgraded until last version
After reebot my rigs stop mining by unknown reason.
I tried at least 2 different coins and on every coin I changed pools and miners just in case.
Non of those test result.
It seems it doesn’t want to connect to any pool.
I test it trying to see if I had connection problems on the rigs and I don’t.

If someone can help me a bit with this please.

best regards guys


What does the miner log show?

Hi there
Thank you for answering me
I’ll attach miner log

And this other log its from another rig
Same issue

There seems to be some issues with .9z5, reccomended to go back to .9z4 as of now.

Do you have an estimate on the proper .9z5 release?

Thank you!

The issues seem to be with the version itself, you’d need to ask the dev of miniz