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After upgrading to 0.6-217@220422 5.10.0-hiveos #72 amd (cezanne) display out is disabled and can't seem to be turned back on

I tried to downgrade to get the display back and it wont let me. It is mining the same as before but I’m annoyed. I like my little mini-display showing the command line and miner results.


Plug your display into your gpu, is the igpu enabled in the bios?

I managed to get it back by downgrading to 0.6-216@220422. I knew the display was fine because during boot the bios menu showed properly. 0.6-217 breaks the cezanne on die gpu driver. I prefer using that because its free, doesn’t suck MH when in use like it does if plugged into one of the mining cards. I like to keep the current version running but QC missed the amd cezanne on-die gpu support on the latest release.

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Will HiveOS re-introduce the AMD iGPU mining function in future releases? Why was this removed in release 0.6-217 and above?

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