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After Update HiveOS it doesn't Recognize my GPU

I bought a RX 560, just to understand how mining works, and after 2 days mining ergo I connected by browser and update HiveOS and requested to reboot.
After that rig seems to be working, GPU funs runing, but no data by brawser or pool stats.
Other thing, HiveOs was not recognizing correcly my GPU, it was showing RX 460.

Somebody has any idea what can I do?

how is the rig connected to internet? wireless or LAN? If you hear it working but you cant connect to it vie WEB , you lost connection to the rig.
this RX 560 is it new or second hand ? Maybe it was mod somehow and showing RX 460.

The rig is conected by LAN.
Now I noticed that rig is starting / stoping 2 times before boot…
After boot seems normal, but i have no monitor connected on it.
I am using motherbord (dell) /memory (3gb)/CPU (core 2 duo) from an old dell pc I have… do you think it can be the problem?
The RX 560 is new no mod installed… I used it just for 2 days until this problem apeared…

OLD PC is not a problem, but at first glance you need atleast 4GB ram.
MY PC is 20 years old. I have phenom II 4x processor with 4GB DDR2 ram and mobo with 3 PCIe slots. I have installed the RX 570 8GB and is working without a problem. Just new PSU because the old one was 350W and i got new one about 500W.

I will try get a new memory card…

Just updating…
I installed a SSD with windows in the machine and, even booting in the second or third time, system works.
I did many tests, GPU OK, Memorys being recognized… apart the boot issue everything was ok…
So, as the problem occurs after I upgraded HIVEos with latest version, I format the flash drive i am using, install again hiveos system and restart system… end… everythig works fine again…
I will not update HiveOS system and I will leave like this for a couple of days.

Hmm very strange. I have very old pc and new video and updated to latest even did upda it manualy from console. It works fine.
Gl with your system. I hope it works fine too