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After update all my rigs AMD GPU0 getting pre-check failed

Just update my 10 rigs to 0.6-213@220306 after rebooting all my rigs with AMD GPUs first gpu (GPU0) all report pre-check failed and SMU may not be in the right state! If it were one rig, I would troubleshoot it as a single problem but when 7 rigs all pop this issue affter update there may be a bigger problem. All 7 rigs that have this issue are RX5700’s. One of the 7 is a Mixed NVidia/AMD and its AMD GPU0 but the 6th gpu on the rig. My rig with 6800’s is not affected by this. I don’t know if this affects RX580 as my RX580 box didn’t come back up after update and I don’t have 24hr access. On the farm workers console, it shows each of the GPU’s in orange as needing attention.

Anyone having the same problem?

After getting to my RX580 rig, the update sent the rig into kernel panic when loading amd drivers. I rolled back to the latest stable release.

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