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After the merge

I keep hearing the merge WILL happen this year, maybe in June. I just got into mining and have finally gotten some traction… I really thought we would have more time based on the history, but I think it’s going to actually happen this time. Too many power players pushing for it.

With that in mind, what is the community opinion on mining Classic after the merge? I have one machine mining it now just to see how it goes. My understanding is that ETC is here to stay and will remain PoW. I like a steady reliable coin to mine like ETH so instead of chasing the next profitable coin du jour I think I will pick up on ETC.


No one knows what will be worth mining after until it happens, don’t waste time or effort guessing or planning for the uncertain. Mine what’s most profitable and trade for whatever coin you want to hold.


Bravo !

I would just mine the most profitable coin at a given moment, no need to guess what will happen next. I heard from Red Panda Mining’s YouTube channel that the merge is likely to be delayed again, as it is a very difficult transition, he showed some speeches from Vitalik himself, saying that he is not confident that the merge would happen in the second quarter of 2022.

If more miners go to ETC after the merge, then the difficulty will go up and it will be less profitable to mine. The current situation won’t be helpful in determining that will happen after the transition.

The Merge is scheduled to happen on the 22 June 2022. If a delay may occur it will be 1/2 weeks grand max. You can plan on that for now, and let’s see what happen next ! … :slight_smile:

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