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After resuming mining with gtx1070 cards after 3 months, it is giving me 26mh/s

Hello Everyone,

In the beginning of year when I was mining with 1070 nvidia cards I was getting 30mh/s with overclock setting - clock: 100, memory: 1300, power: 100. Because of price drop last year I stopped mining. Because of price increase recently I started mining but the hash rate decreased to 26 mh/s with same overclock settings.

Has anyone seen issues recently with nividia overclock settings? Any help is appreciated.


Yep. Same problem. My cards are about 2-3 years old (i forget) and have been used 24/7 for mining (for a while in a hot enclosed room)

I re-pasted them and it did a little better.

I noticed if I keep it cool without changing fan speeds it performs better, but cranking up the fan (to get it cooler) doesn’t really work too well. I’m about to buy replacement fans and see if that improves things. I have 2 1070 PNY’s that both have one broken fan and a MSI 1070 Gaming X.

They were unstable for a while until I lowered the overclock settings (100 core / 300 mem), but hey its a dinosaur of a card and at least its stable; and its faster (barely) than a 1060 6GB. Time to replace them with 1660 ti’s.

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I was able to increase hash little bit by resetting cards to factory defaults and then overclocked. But I am looking for stability and less power consumption so I reached at point where I am getting 26.5 with power: 95w, clock: 155 and memory: 650. These settings looks very stable than previous setting I had and keeping temperature around 63.

I get 25.5/27 with 100/600 100 power. Thats with card with a broken fan. I get the feeling these 10 series (with more than 4 gb) cards will return to the outrageous prices when BTC was 20k.

I found a you tube video which says problem is with driver for 10 series cards because DAG size increased. Nvidia needs to release drivers which will fix the problem:

Here is the Nvidia forum link on this topic -

Wow. I took my only 1070 out of my 13 card rig today, I’m pretty sure it was causing crashes every couple of hours. But its just getting old, and it spits out heat like a 1080. Sounds like they’re not fixing it because they want you to buy newer cards. Classic. Will run again once it gets cold as a spaceheater.

Here are my settings and like you I just started up again was using win 10 before.

Your settings are getting me 27 to 28 which is better than what I was getting buy I would like to get 29
What miner are you using? Im using phoenix miner

My setings

Hey, what miner are you using? I can’t get past 32


Thanks, any special config?

@wshgwrethetrjhr I hope you realized that @Ricka has 1070 TI, while this thread is about plain 1070, right?

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