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After Nvidia driver update: error: CUDA_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED

I’ve had a 2 GPU rig going for about a month (just starting). I added a third GPU and thought to update the drivers on the 3 GPU’s. After updating, the newest GPU I added is getting an error. There error message from the HiveOS interface:

ERROR: An internal driver error occurred
Attribute ‘GPUFanControlState’ (rig43612F:0[gpu:2]) assigned value 0.

The error message from the terminal: “Can’t start T-Rex, can’t initialize CUDA engine, cude exception: CUDA_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED. Is Nvidia driver installed?”

Not sure what to do next?

Nvidia 3060 ti

Easiest thing would be to reflash the latest stable (included 535.xx) or beta (includes 550.xx) image, no need to change drivers from what comes preinstalled really.

Reflash first, troubleshoot from there.