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After London, hiveon pool mines very little... Any others with this problem?

Hi guys,
does anyone have the same problem? I have one card and its mining with 30.66MHs and after the hardfork, today it mines very very little compared to the previous days.
Usually it mines around 0.00090 ETH per day, not its 0.00065. I have friends mining on ethermine and they say its not that big the reduction and even its the same as before.
Whattomine website is on the same opinion, i should be making 2.24 a day of it and instead i HiveOs it shows 1.59, way big difference.

I found my cards mining about 10% less

I’m down about 10-20%

Oddly for me, my mh/s has been completely unaffected over the London Fork.

I still have the very same 119.3 Mh/s on my RTX 3090 rig on Core 1100, Mem 2100; PL 310, mining on ethminer still (very same settings as earlier on last week).

The MHs will be unaffected but what you get as ETH is affected.

I yeah, my expected daily earnings went from ~$ 8.90 down to ~ $ 7.50 over the fork, and are now back to $ 8.50, probably thanks to the current eth/usd hike

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