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After London (EIP-1559) - share comparison and other problem

1 FULL 2060super
1 FULL 3090

after 17 hours of mining I noticed that the 2060 miner completed about 6400 shares
while the miner of 3090 only 6800

you can image my anger thinking power consumption linked to such a low yield

i’ve decided to move on ethermine and the rig works as expected (3090 rig does 300% more share than 2060)

i would like to use hive pool… but with this yield, is impossible for now…
someone else can confirm this?
it’s only my problem?

please, check your share on your rig by making a point 0

thank you

All shares are not (worth) the same - you get rewarded more for shares worked from a more difficult computation - the difficulty is set by the pool, unless you have included a difficulty setting in your mining software - the pool will decide what workload is best for your card working with the workload it needs to perform.
EIP-1559 will not effect hash rate as such or the ability of your hardware to perform in any way - we just get rewarded less as the auction for gas has been ‘capped’

You may get more shares on another pool - but they will pay less per share

That said - I’ve swapped from hiveon to flexpool this week to give it a bash - seing as they pass on 10% MEV - hive only 1%

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