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Advice for 6800, 6800xt and 6900 xt OC settings


Is there any guide for “How to settings for amd cards”

Any advice for my mistake about settings?

I’m getting slightly more out of mine, but am not satisfied yet. I suspect these 6800s can get up to around 64 MH/s like they do on Windows, but since they’re fairly new on the platform, great settings are yet to be posted.

You right. I think it becomes more mature after 1-2 updates.

I could do that best. But the energy consumption is too much

Help me with:

You can use my settings, lower consumption and better speed

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hello good I already tried them, it only gives me 58.5. any mod with MPT?

Here is my latest settings; better consumption

Very thx bro
I try it

WITH YOUR config:
No more,bro

I cannot set the same OC on my two 6800 but they are running both above 60 and better consumption as well.

İt’s good for you maybe bro, but i didn’t want to use hot,

I prefer to use colder image

Could you share this screen for only 6800?

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here we go

I’m learning, thanks for your advise

I am also searching and learning.

For example; Samsung gddr6 vram voltages is 1.35 V.

I used this info for start adjusting MEMORY VOLTAGE

Your and my configs are slightly different

I followed your tip and raised the fan speed. Cooler now but my setup still hotter than yours

Your core speed is higher than mine, this affects the temperature.
But let me warn you about one thing, every time you change the setting, it may change in your mh/s value, it will be useful to learn the working principle of the settings.

Here is last setting, better consumption aprx 20 w