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Advanced overclocking settings

Hello dear developers! I kindly request you to add the possibility of more advanced overclocking settings. Due to the large variety of coins available for mining at the moment, each coin has its own optimal overclocking settings. Often, it is necessary not only to adjust the memory and core clocks but also to specify additional offsets directly in the miner.

This is highly inconvenient. I ask you to add the following options:

  • Core clock offset
  • Core clock lock
  • Memory clock offset
  • Memory clock lock
  • Power limit

This way, it will be possible to fine-tune overclocking settings more precisely and choose the optimal balance between power consumption and mining efficiency.

It has been suggested before, but i will mention it again next time i speak to the devs. Thanks for the feedback

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yes although we can all do advance under miner config still would be nice to see, hiveos got this! thanks!

Please speed up the process, these settings are very necessary because many coins require narrow individual settings

So, 6 months have passed… Dev-s still thinking about this suggestion? Or there was a real job in this direction?

Yes, it was implemented, but was rolled back as it conflicted with some things. It will be fixed and reimplemented but i dont have a timeframe as of now.