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Adjust the amount sent by the Hive Pool

Hive Pool is sending Raven coins to my wallet.
The problem is that my wallet will be deposited by sending more than 500 RVN, can I change the settings of the Hive pool I send every day?
What should I do if it’s possible?

I dont understand this, can you elaborate on what you mean here?

Also, there is no way to change payouts at the moment.

The wallet I’m using needs to deposit more than 500 RVN.
If I deposit below that, the wallet company will put it in your wallet someday, but I don’t know when.
I deposited 50 RVN 10 times last time, but I didn’t get it until a year later.
That’s why I asked if it’s possible to adjust my wallet.

I would use a wallet that you hold the keys to without anything like that, wallets are free so no need to use a bad one. Then you can send wherever once you get 500+