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Adjust One Card, Affects Another

When I adjust the overclock settings on one card, a RTX 5700 XT, it decreases the Hashrate on another one of my cards unrelated to it, in my case, a RTX 6800.

In the image, my 2nd 6800 drops to 58 MH from 61 MH, when I tweak any of the 5700s.

I’ve looked online and around the HIVE OS forum for possible explanations, but am unable to come up with one. Perhaps it’s the generation settings on my motherboard? My choices are ‘Auto’ or flat ‘Gen 1’, and I’m currently set to auto. Motherboard is ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING II.

Perhaps it’s something with the operating system itself? It’s spooky action at a distance and I don’t understand why adjusting the overclock settings on one card would affect the hashrate on a different piece of hardware.

I’m having the same issue where I’m oc one card and another card drops or increases hash rate. It seems so random as to how is going to behave. The behavior is happening between an MSI and a Gigabyte 6800 XTs. Really weird and frustrating.

I have the same issue on my rig.
When I adjust the 6900XT, just one of the other 6600XTs drops and then climbs back, but to a different HAsh value. Vice versa, if I adjust any of my 6600XTs the 6900XT starts dropping and somteimes just does not go back to above 62.x MH.

Any Ide why this could be?

I generally came to the conclusion that since I’m using a Gaming Motherboard for this rig, and not a mining one, that the bandwidth is somehow limited for throughput.

Not sure if that’s a good explanation, but since making this post, I’ve tweaked it enough now where I no longer get that issue - and all is humming along.

I am using a “mining” Mobo, per se I think it does not make a difference…my best guess, its the NAVI 2x cards. I switched to TON on that rig, same behaviour but the Hashrate goes back up to its initial value.