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Adding Radeon RX5600 XT to a rig with Nvidia cards


I just received Radeon RX5600 XT Card and I am trying to add the card to one of my rigs running NVIDIA-cards. I just can’t get it to start mining.

Is there anything special you have to do when mixing AMD and NVIDIA in the rigs?

Yes, I noticed that the Radeon card identify as GPU 0, the same as a 1660 Super card… But I don’t know what that means.

What miner are you using? If it’s nvidia specific then it will not pick up the AMD card. If its AMD/Nvidia compatible, you need to check the miner by ssh/telnet/shellinabox into the miner and look at the error it is generating.

Finally you can create a flight sheet with Nvidia and AMD specific miner if you want to try that out.


And thank you. :slight_smile:

I have been using Ethermine the whole time. I created a new flight sheet using phoenixminer, and for some strange reason it seem to be working now.

i don’t know why. Ethermine should be working as well. It just didn’t. The AMD-card is running a bit hot though…

The 5000 series memory tends to run hot. Just bump up your fan speed if your concerned, but 80 c is fine. You might some of the presets for the 5600XT that are available if your adventurous.

The temp of the memory runs very hot. You are right about that. :slight_smile:

I have been mining for 4-5 years using only NVIDA-cards so this was my first attempt with AMD. Living in Oslo/Norway I take whatever card I can get my hands on, so…

After testing various presets, which didn’t work for me, I played around with various settings for hours and I ended up with something that somewhat made the card kind of stable. The temp jumps up and down between 80 and 90 degrees depending on the temperature in the room I guess. The rig is on top of another rig and placed in what used to be our dinning room. :smile:

Anyway, thanks for the tips and advice. :+1:

Here’s the setting I ended up with. It gives me 38.15 MHz, power consumption 88 watt. (I adjust the fan-speed manually once in a while.)

Glad you got that stable and running. I just toasted my rx 480 4GB playing with settings. Not really bummed by that, just part of the mining gig. With luck I might get ASUS to RMA it (fat chance, but guy has got to try)

:smile: Good luck with that!

I fried a bunch of 1060 cards a couple of years ago. Still have a few somewhere in the basement. Worthless now.

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