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Adding New RTX 3080 causing LA to rise and system to crash/GPU error


I have a rig that currently has x9 3080’s running smoothly on T-Rex and have gotten decent stability with. I recently acquired a new 3080 and when fitted to the rig the LA rises to 4+ and system crashes and get GPU temp errors. All cards suprim x.

It is strange as when the new card is connected even by itself it still causes crashes.

Im running OC settings of -200 2400 230 and fans at 80.

mobo: b250

cpu: i5-7600K

All the risers are new and working, plenty of power, drivers and hiveOS updated to latest version.

Could it be a faulty card? Has us pretty confused any insights or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Did you try the card mining over windows and checking de vram temperatures?

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