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Adding GPUs to rig

Hi guys,

Can you please give me few hits?
I have a rig from 3xRX 570 and 3xRX580. now I want to add anther 1 or 2 GPUs. Do I need to do anything special, or HiveOS wil detect them automaticaly when I boot system?
What when I want to add Nvidia cards? will it be same procedure?

Thank you for help.

There shouldn’t be any problems. However, if you mix AMD and Nvidia GPUs you’ll need to make sure you configure the flight sheet correctly. You’ll need a miner that supports the two types of GPUs or two miners in the same flight sheet, one for each brand of GPU. I hope this helps.

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I do not plan mixing AMD and Nvidia, that was just a question “what if”
Yes this help a lot as a confirmation for what I thought.
Thank you very much mate.

You’re welcome. You could use this if you run out of PCIe slots, it worked for me. I have 9 GPUs in one rig and I plan to add more if I can get my hands on them.

Yep, already seen it. Will try it out on some basic Mobo.
For now I am fine. Have H110 Pro BTC+ ASRock, with 6 GPUs, so plenty of slots for now.
This Is my first rig, I did build it completely from scratch by my self. But prior read a lot of helpful topics on here.
You guys are very supportive…

BTW as you say, GPU prices are mental ATM…

I’m new when it comes to mining but I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve been doing it for just three months. If you have any more questions we’re here to help each other.
Have a nice day.

Thanks mate.
Same me, I started about 1 month ago with this… There is a lot to learn, read and trying…
Cheers and a nice day to you too.

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