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Adding GPU error code

Adding a 4th card to rig and getting this error, hive won’t boot unless I disconnect it. Anyone know what this code is?

Do you enable 4G Above Decoding in mobo BIOS?

4g encoding is enabled as well as on gen2. 3 cards are direct to the mobo and 4 th is via riser but I’ve tried a few diff ones… Fan spins on boot too. Mobo is GIGABYTE GA-Z270P.

Did you disable iGPU, insert card at x16 slot?
Maybe this mobo has some slots which connected in parallel and blocked another slot if something inserted to him

I have not disabled igpu, there is 3 X16 with cards in the working fine. I’ll have to check the igpu when I get home.

I have the vid to the vid card, not onboard