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Adding Funds by Sending to Personal Coinpayments Wallet

Hi Everyone,

I just sent some Litecoin (LTC) to the personal address I generated on the “Personal Address Deposit” page on the billing tab. It was about 50 USD worth of LTC. Not seeing it show up - does anyone know where it goes when you send it to your address?

LOL - right after posting this, I saw $50 in my balance.

It looks like even LTC (which is usually pretty fast) takes about 5-15 min to switch through Coinpayments into your HiveOS Coinpayments personal address. Hopefully this helps anyone googling later to figure it out.

lucky you
I transferred to hives coinpayment BTC personal address 2 hours ago but still not in my account yet
funny that paying fixed amount (Deprecated method! Prefer to using a personal address.) arrived within 10 - 15 mins
I guess you need to keep paying using deprecated method.

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