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Adding funds by sending to HiveOS personal wallet address failed

I did add funds (ETH) to the provided addresses in the billing tab 24 hours ago. But it has not been arrived yet.

Does it show as completed? Are you sure you sent it on the correct network/address?

Yes, I sent it to the address created in my “Your funds tab” ETH ERC20.
TXID 0xf360f04e8b8f9c3eeae51a1be23eaa29eb2b3fb810ba358394b6895fe8ec3353
Due to Etherscan it has been completed successfuly.

And you’re looking at your farm balance, not your funds section, right?

In the meantime the problem has been fixed. The deposit and bonus have been credited to my account balance. Thanks for your support.

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I’m having the same issue not sure what’s going on with there payment system through personal address but your not alone. I’ve reached out to support and it hasn’t been resolved yet

Most folks are looking in the wrong area, sometimes it takes hours to fully process.

There are tiers in the system if you look closely, especially if you operate multiple farms.

I wish that was rhe case for me I’m on day like 4 now and per support they haven’t heard back from the billing dept so unfortunately I’m still up in the air on what’s going on

You guys have a real problem. It is unacceptable that it takes 2 days or more for the transfer to be executed. Anywa at the end of thae day it was successful.

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Yes, there are real challenges in the Hiveon World of late:

Impressive how they are still getting it all done.


So I have noticed something odd I messaged hive and they changed my personal wallet address lol

No, there are addresses at Farm Level and at Top Level Hiveos.Farm account.

Posted this tiering a few posts above yours. Consider some of us have multiple farms and fund accordingly ;>)

Hmm even tho both claim to be my personal address and only changed after I messaged them and now day 5 and still nothing from hive

It is an address, created to match Account, Farm(#), etc. Only purpose is for paying HiveOS fees.

No withdrawal, no control of the keys to the wallet, but you can move funds between farms.

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