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Adding Farm Hash to S9, not working. Not joining farm

Adding Farm Hash to S9, not working. Not joining farm. Kind of at a loss on what to do here. I cant SSH into the device to look at any other config info. It gives me connection denied messages. Any ideas or suggestions on how i can get it to join the farm properly?

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For some reason when i did the farm_hash, i also had to enter in the URL on the one ASIC while on the other one i didn’t have to. Go figure but maybe this helps someone out?

I’m having the same issue with an L3, and it started just a couple days ago as well. It worked fine for several days and I could see it in my rig manager but now it just won’t stick. I’ll apply the farm hash and the logs look fine but as soon as I refresh it’s not there. Setting flight sheet worked, the config made it to the rig and it’s mining but can’t see it online…

Running into the same issue - Can’t add s9 to farm using the hash - Has worked for my other 3 asics - Not sure why this one will not join my hive farm. Any ideas?

Any errors or anything?

Not that I’m aware of - I’ve even tried with a 2nd control board. Same problem. I add my farm hash in miner control panel, refreshes saying saved, and then nothing. Typically this is when my phone would fire off a notification that a new device has been added, etc … But nothing happens. The S9 doesn’t appear in my Hive Farm list. Weird right? I can’t figure this one out.

The one thing I keep noticing is, even though the miner is mining and showing hash on the pool, when I try and run ping or traceroute under the network / diagnostic tab, nothing happens.

Did you try typing out the api server as a user mentioned above?

You can also try other api servers, these can be found by clicking on any worker → settings → mirror select, copy one of those and try pasting into the local ip dashboard when configuring the farm hash

Yes, someone made the same suggestions on the discord - Neither work. I just tried again with as well as the ip one

Are you able to ping and traceroute

ping returns: just one ping result

This ping
PING ( 56 data bytes

traceroute returns: (incomplete)