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Adding cards but losing stability frequent issue?


I was on easy mining few months ago but it could not handle 4x RTX3090.
I moved to HiveOS and was fine. crashes once a week.
I received my 5th RTX 3090 a couple of days ago and as I expected it’s not stable at all anymore.
If I can get the 5 cards to work it’s only stable for 24h maximum.
But more often only 4 cards come up.
And the card that doesn’t come up is not the new one.

I really don’t think it’s an hardware issue (I already changed risers)
I think when you have more than x big cards you loose in stability.

Do you guys have an idea to solve this ?

Thanks for your help.

Unstable rigs are usually due to poor OCs. What are you running?

core -310
mem 2200
power limit 320w

Use locked core clocks instead. Core offsets just waste power.

to do so i have to enter +500 right ?

No, you have to find the lowest value above 500 that gives full hashrate, as values below 500 are treated as core offsets instead of locked core clocks.

Thanks for this, it does lower watts and a bit more hashrate.

I found the issue about my card, finally it was hardware… I have a burn pcie 8pins.
I don’t understand because I stay under 288watts for 1x8pins at the psu (recent and HQ brand : Asus ROG).

I ordered another psu and will go even lower than my previous watts on 1x8pins

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