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Adding additional GPU causing connection issues

Hey guys. I have a 5x 5700xt rig with a TB250 BTC Pro mobo. its been running fine for the last week with no issues. Today I went to install the 6th 5700xt and I am now having connection issues. Here is whats happening:
Add 6th GPU
Rig boots up and recognizes all 6 GPUs
I flash BIOS of the new GPU with Red BIOS editor
Restart Rig
Boots up, all connections look normal/GPU turn on
Hive shows my rig as disconnected from the internet.
If I unplug the 6th GPU, Hive connects fine.

I tried putting the new GPU on a different PCIE slot and I am still getting the same issue. Similar posts suggest clearing CMOS and setting mobo to Gen 2. If that doesnt work, other suggestion is to make a new rig id and reconnect to hive. Any other suggestions? I am wondering if the flash had anything to do with it since it did boot up prior to flash. The new GPU is a Gigabyte Gaming OC Rev 2 version.

Thanks in advance!

I am actually leaning towards a code 43 issue with the GPU itself. There are some posts specifically about the Gigabyte 5700 XTs having this issue after BIOS mod, some type of security measure. There are a few steps outlined, specifically in this google doc that I will try. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

any luck getting the bios modified with that gigabyte rev 2?

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