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Adding a gpu, all gpu 0 after

Hello! I have a rigg with 7 vega 56/64 cards
Motherboard is the b250 room for 19 gpu

I am adding more cards, triumf with 1 vega 64 now

And every time i am adding it it says 8 gpu but 0 aktive, i tok the overclocking very low just in case, tried change to a new riser but nothing is helping, anybody night know what it is??

Does your PSU have enough wattage to add more GPU’s?

Hello! Yes i am pretty sure of that i bought an extra psu with 1050w capasity and added to the system and the new gpu to only that psu so should be good

And is second PSU connected to MOBO with adapter?

This is actually the third psu connected

But yes this third til connected with and splitter cable from the Motherboard to this and another psu

Will this cause any problems ?

Never tried that, so don’t know.

as you can see i get up the gpu 7 in hiveos but it just wont start and putting all the gpu to 0

tried new FS but not helped tried right to the motherboard

finally got it running, found out that splitting that psu cable was no good, and i had 1 card directly sat to the motherboard instead of riser, so now when i moved everything to risers and no psu splitter, it fired right up!!


thx for the help guys

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