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Added Rx570’s to 5700xt rig, lowered hashrates

Hey guys my 5600xt/5700xt rig was running fine until I added two rx570’s. The rx570’s work ok but the 5700’s have dropped 8mh/s and the 5600xt’s have dropped 3mh/s. I switched from Phoenix to TRM and updated the hiveos software. Nothing seems to fix it. Suggestions appreciated.

Edit: to clarify all other settings remained the same. They pull the same watts at some core/mem just hash slower with Polaris cards

Well I disconnected the 570’s to resume mining and now it’s throwing a bunch of errors like “failed to import overdrive table” and refuses to mine. Looks like I need to start over from scratch.

Nice to know the old saying still applies that if your AMD rig works, do not touch it.

I went back to [email protected] and I’m still getting resizing bar0 errors but it’s mining as it should in phoenixminer and I refuse to touch it. Thanks for playing along.

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