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Added a 6700XT to rig and then it crashed and made another gpu undetectable

My rig consist of:
HIVE OS - 0.6-208@210818
Phoenix Miner

Integrated GFX (If that counts, for display)
2x Nvidia 3070 FE
1x Asus 1660 S

Was running smoothly and then I attempted to add my 6700XT

Once I wired everything up and booted it. It came up but hive os did not detect the 1660 anymore and the 6700xt was detected.

However my flight sheet attempted to start Phoenix miner but it would crash instantly (Code 139).

I removed the 6700XT from the rig and wired the 1660s back up but its still not being detected.

Any ideas?

Riser seems to not be the problem because I switched it with a 3070 riser and its still being detected.

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