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Added 5th card and now rig crashes

I have a rig that is powered by an EVGA 1200p2. I can run 4 3070’s but when I add the 5th card, upon start-up it will shut down, start-up, shut down, until I turn it off. I have tried to switch riser/usb/power cables. Removed all cards and added them one at a time. Tried different orders connecting to MB. Nothing is working. Tried a different 5th card. I’m out of ideas, anyone had this issue before? Thx.

Do you have all the mining optimal bios settings changed for your motherboard? If it worked with 4 and doesn’t work with 5 thats where I’d start.

Thanks Keaton. I searched for my specific motherboard not connecting 5th card. Found where the settings were in bios, could not find on my own lol.

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All up and working now?

Yes, thank you very much.

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