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Added 4th Fury X to rig, existing card wont mine. Throws IB Test Failed errors on startup

Title describes issue mostly.

I’ve been using Fury X’s to mine RVN as they were pretty cheap and ROI rather quickly. I ordered another and went to add it to my existing RVN Fury X rig. After adding the card, it started to throw IB Test Failed errors. Narrowed it down to my Sapphire Fury X, a card that has been in the system day 1 with 0 issues. Figured maybe the hiveos on my flash drive was faulty in some way so I re-flashed it with an old version of Hive. Didn’t help. Changed bios settings back to default and then re-enabling mining settings. Nope. From what I’ve researched, the issue I’m encountering is known to both Hive and the linux community. Hive believes it to be a riser issue. Only problem with that is the card was on the motherboard. Linux community thinks its an issue with linux/linux drivers. I’ve done just about everything I can think of to get this thing back up and running. Any help would be awesome.

So the error follows that card no matter what slot/riser it’s in?

Does it error if it’s the only card installed?

seems as if the card just died. tried it in windows and was artifacting like crazy.


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