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Add new gpu and it sucks

I added a rx 570 to my rig and it get stucked on this point, as you can see in the image.

When the photo was made, just this card was connected and still stucked.

Help plz ;(
love u all

Don’t use ethminer, it’s dated and unsupported. If only using Amd cards teamredminer does well, gminer does well too.

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i am using nvidia too, what do you recommend me?

and i will lose my cash if i change the miner? or it will be ok if i use the same pool?

thx bro

If u use the same pool u don’t loose your money…
For Amd cards use Team red miner (as keaton said) and for Nvidia use Trex miner…


what about use both brands on same rig?
i know it is not the best, but i am not rich (yet)

thx you guys

you can use multiple miners on the same rig, teamredminer and trex are both great and no extra config because they each ignore the other brands cards. gminer works well too at both if you wanted to use a single miner, but if you get any lhr nvidia cards trex is slighty better for those.

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Thx you all! You were right, the problem was the miner that didn’t support the new rx570. I changed to lolminer and it works.

And i didn’t know i could use different miners on same rig, so thx a lot for this information!!! I’ll try it!

thx you all guys :heart:

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