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Acorn & SQRL Miner


Investigating the new Acorn devices, I noticed on the FAQ that they only work with a SQRL miner which hasn’t launched.

Any plans for Hive to work with Acorn or SQRL miners at launch?


I was listening to Seth Estrada on youtube the other day when he interview GPUHoarder (one of the dev’s and main guys at SQRL research) and remember hearing GPUHoarder mention he had never used HiveOS and the compiler wasn’t in it(obviously). As for plans, he said something along the lines of “There’s no reason we can’t put it in, but I haven’t heard from the HiveOS guys yet so if they reach out we can get it in there”.

Here’s the video if you are interested, it was an awesome interview and led me to pre-ordering the 215+.

Acorns are finally in customer hands… they haven’t released their miner software yet but drivers are available.

I can easily install the drivers myself but any chance we can get them integrated?

For those of you with Acorns, GPUHoarder released a Zen Protocol Alpha miner…

thanks to @epicgamefan we have a custom hiveOS option: