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Accepted Shares

Hey Everyone,

I have a question that I hope someone has an answer to. I have 2 rigs both running Phoenix Miner. My first rig is 13 GPU’s with a hashrate of 669 MH/s 10 5700 XT and 3 1080 TI. My second rig is 6 GPU’s with a hashrate of 225 MH/s 3 1080 2 5700 XT. My 6 GPU rig has a higher amount, by far, of accepted ETH shares than the 13 GPU rig. Is there a reason for this? I would expect that the 13 GPU rig have 2 times the number of accepted shares as the 6 GPU rig. Over a 24 hour period the 6 GPU rig has 9736 accepted shares, and the 13 GPU rig has 7892! Am I missing something?


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Hi Cerberus.

at first i have a same question as u. so i wondering around asking ppl and here is the answer.

are you a gamer? i will explain as an analogy as playing games
here is a RAID BOSS
ur GUILD had form 2 parties.
party A with attack force 669, party B with attack force 225
and here is ur 24hour periode report.
party A killed 7892 monsters
party B kill killed 9736 monsters
and here is the main focus.
party A kill a stronger monster and got more experiences from ea killing
party B might kill weaker monster.
POOL will assign strong / weak monster according to ur attack force from ea party.
i got u some picture, hope u can understand better
my 120MHs rig signed with diff 1250MH

and the other hand, my 210MHs rig signed with diff 2500MH

hope u can understand that.

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Thank you for that. I was completely perplexed, but see my 683MH rig has a higher difficulty. I appreciate the insight.

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