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Accepted Shares vs. HashRate

Can someone explain why my Accepted shares, running at 100% on 2 different miners… one with 2 cards and one with 4 cards, always end up being about the same? I expect that one group of cards, which has a hash of 370 and one with a hash of 100 would produce a proportionate number of accepted shares… However they do not. The reported accepted shares for each miner is about the same even when run over extended periods of time. Any theory or ideas on why this is? This happens with other miners as well, not just TeamRedMiner and T-rex. I can reproduce this with Phoenix and Etherminer. The 2 cards by themselves are ATI 5700 and the 4 cards are Nvidia 2080 Super, 3090 Founders, 3090 MSI, 3080 MSI Is it possible that 2 ATI cards are just as fast as 4 NVIDIA cards?

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